Memo from Silicon Valley: Customers Before Capital

Q: What's the most common question I get asked?A: Can you help me raise capital in Silicon Valley?

Yes I can, here's how it goes:

  1. Identify your US target market

  2. Refine your business model and technology to meet the demands of that market

  3. Win your first US customer deal - and a couple more to prove your model

  4. Raise capital

In. That. Order.

ANZA client ZUUS Workforce founder and CEO Rachael Skinner has done just this. The company recently raised expansion capital through San Francisco-based Aligned Partners.

Originally from Adelaide, ZUUS relocated to Denver, where they are currently expanding their sales and development teams.

Having raised a small seed round in Australia, Rachael described raising venture capital in the US as a "steep learning curve". ANZA worked with ZUUS throughout its US expansion and capital raising.

Rachael's advice to entrepreneurs expanding into the US market, "Be patient and stay focused on the customer".

One of ANZA's mentors who worked closely with ZUUS, Jon Baer, has co-authored the bookDecoding Silicon Valley. So much of the advice shared by Jon and his co-author Michelle Messina came into play for ZUUS and their success. See below for how to get your copy.

And, if you've long been a supporter of ANZA Technology Network, but have thought your business focus was more UK than USA, the perfect solution has arrived. The successful ANZA fast-track service model - that has helped hundreds of Australian companies quickly accelerate and do business in the US - is now available to companies seeking to establish a presence in the UK and Europe. See below for how to get connected.

If you are ready to talk about how ANZA can work with you to achieve results like we have for ZUUS and so many others, please drop me anemailso we can discuss your specific US business acceleration plans.
Viki Forrest
CEO, ANZA Technology Network

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