strategic access to the u.s. market

Join an intimate and exclusive cohort of eligible startups to participate in our business accelerator, or work with us for your in-country business needs.

Fast Track program

Strategic and Rapid Expansion into Silicon Valley

Getting your business strategy right is critical to reducing the costs and risks associated with expanding your business into the US. Our flagship, 12-week business accelerator is structured to the needs of your startup.

To ensure the rapid success of your business and integration into the Silicon Valley ecosystem, we will work with you to develop targeted strategies for:

  • Fundraising: get meaningful introductions to key investors relevant to your sector and critical to your strategic growth and partnerships

  • Sales and Marketing: find out how to get measurable results from your publicity; position your brand through the right channels to ensure it translates into the US market and culture

  • Operations Guidance: engage with a suite of professional service providers; from banking to legal, accounting, and HR

anza concierge

a trusted partner for your business needs

Whether you’re ready to make a permanent move or seeking a soft-transition to the U.S., ANZA Concierge is a bespoke service designed to help setup the operational and logistical needs of your company.

Every company has unique requirements depending on industry, stage and financial circumstances, such as:

  • Corporate Credit Cards and Banking

  • Cross-border Tax Accountant

  • Legal Services

  • Talent Partners

  • Co-working space and Virtual Mail Room Services

  • Other professional services

It’s not easy without boots on the ground. Let us know how we can help you.